Stories are how we make sense of the world.


Stories are how we attribute value to things - whether a company acquisition or price of a good. Stories create the future from the present. Stories are the expression of our energy, creation and intention.  

Modern communication is quickly changing as technology evolves over time. No matter the technology, communication channels engage with a story. While technology evolves, the way to make a story matter remains constant.

Stories share energy with swells, which in surfing is the energetic system which creates waves. Swells are consistently inconsistent - they change direction and intensity, and they originate from different places, and they affect the ocean surface differently. Yet a swell is always present - you need an expert (or a surfer) to tell you which sets of swells are best for you at the time – just like your story.

We help create a story that fits your swell - your marketplace, your time, your audience. The team is led by Jenn Hirsch, seasoned storyteller, business woman, and avid (and sometimes kooky) surfer.

Every story - just as every swell - has a life cycle. We tell your best story to stand the test of time, to remain constant and current.