Soylent Storytelling: How Content Wins

All content tells a story, but most marketing content tells a really boring one. “Buy this, here’s why!” barely qualifies as a narrative arc, yet it’s the tale we as consumers are force fed daily. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Innovations big and small are always impacting our lives in ways fundamentally richer than a cheaper, bigger, or brighter product. Adding a dedicated storytelling step before launch (or relaunch, or rebrand, or cool-tech-company pivot) allows businesses and marketers an opportunity to identify their true standout value and does wonders at extending the potential lifecycle of your brand.

Get In the Pocket

Well, effective marketing, PR, communications, and content is all about finding the pocket in your industry. It’s knowledge of how waves form, what’s behind you as a broken wave (the existing narrative and story in your chosen market), what’s ahead of you as smooth sailing (where is the need, the want, and the desire for your project), and how to engage your own footwork (e.g. story, growth hacking, PR, and any other lever you can pull to move the needle forward).