With his interest in the best scientific health information and its real-world applications, Dan Pardi wAS poised to make his next move.

He had built an incredibly engaged community for Dan’s Plan, a platform for health and wellness guidance and behavior tracking to promote a healthy lifestyle. As he evolved his platform, he discovered a need in the market for a human operating system - blending technology and data to provide highly personalized guidance for an individual’s optimal health. As he considered his new role in the venture and the brand, he looked to Swell Story to help him tell his story. 



Determine Customer Targets

Dan had worked with a wide variety of customers, from the Navy Seals to large corporations. With Human OS, he wanted to focus to create a brand marked by deep content expertise and build an early, engaged community. Given that his past success was broad, he wanted to know where to focus to build the most momentum for his new business. 

Create an Engaging Pitch

As part of this early-stage venture, Dan needed to recruit new team members and work with a wide network of partners. As he shared his vision for Human OS, he needed to be compelling to the right people at the right time. 

Ensure a Consistent Experience for Legacy Community

Dan’s Plan had a large, loyal following that was incredibly engaged. He wanted the story of his new platform to be consistent enough that the majority of his audience would follow him, thereby growing the new platform and creating engagement from the get go. 



As a result of working with Swell Story, Dan could clearly identify who his target customers were, what his own story was, and how he could effectively apply his story to his business as a whole.  


We worked closely with Dan to understand his unique story characteristics, using our story diagnostic to build on the foundation of his unique archetypes and past experiences. We worked with him to capture the nuances of his communication style to effectively build a persona and narrative that encapsulated his past, present and future. 


As Dan’s Plan and Human OS shared a unifying founder thread in Dan, we worked within Swell Story’s Brand Ladder Framework to create a narrative for his new venture. We built from the heart of the brand – what was at its emotional center– through to the new products and features, ensuring there would be a consistent brand experience for new and old audiences alike. 


Throughout our work together, we connected the dots between the implications of choosing certain stories and the impact on the business. Whether highlighting which stories were likely to appeal to different audiences or translating our storytelling work into examples of pitches for investors, we continually related the creative work we did to the practical business choices one would have to make – and the trade-offs of these choices. Strategy and story went hand in hand. 



These are what we use when we’re attacking story, which is equal parts creativity and structure. Every business challenge can use a different set of frameworks. Here’s what we used in Looker's case.
  • Hero's Journey – What story are you telling? What is your discovery process? How do people relate to your story? How does your story become a part of their own? Answer these questions and more with the Hero's Journey framework – and learn how to become the hero of your own story.
  • Brand Ladder – A brand architecture is a hierarchical summary of all the elements of your story and brand. It is what you feel, believe and do in succinct words. This brand ladder can be shared with any creative partner, from marketing to product to design, to bring your story to life.