WellnessFX had a groundbreaking health technology platform.

They created the first intuitive dashboard of blood analysis results and coupled that with progressive telemedicine to give consumers unparalleled convenience to manage their health their way.  Yet they had several challenges to overcome.


Business challenges


WellnessFX drew customer’s blood to populate their health dashboard. How many people do you know who dislike needles, faint at the sight of blood, dread the doctor? Exactly. To overcome consumers’ deep seated fear, the company had to position their product in a way that was appealing to their target audience.


Welcoming a stranger into your home to access your blood isn’t top of mind for consumers. WellnessFX had to prove they could be just as trusted with health information and the care of an individual as the archetypal good doctor we all have in our head.

Consumer Acquisition

As the company scaled over time in locations around the US, we had to build consumer buzz long before consumer demand - and ensure we kept up that interest over time.

Thought Leadership

WellnessFX was a groundbreaking venture, from pioneering Telemedicine to capturing the zeitgeist of the Quantified Self and fitness movement. Their unique blend of data-driven healthcare and science needed to be seen as best in class by the market - press, investors, and consumers alike.

Social Media  

As social grew in the early 2010s, the company needed a strategy for each channel. A strong social presence was considered a requirement, as they were a consumer-facing company and needed to reach people where they were at.



Over the course of nearly two years, our team worked with the team at WellnessFX to build them into a leading brand in the growing health tech and Quantified Self space, ultimately resulting in their acquisition in 2013. We turned their challenges into success through the following focus areas.  


WellnessFX needed a strong brand and story to go to market. We capitalized on the growing trend of CrossFit, Quantified Self and Bio-hacking by highlighting WellnessFX’s optimization through data and science. “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” became the mantra of WellnessFX and its community. The ability to improve oneself and achieve incredible health ultimately outweighed many people’s fear around blood.


We needed to make the brand personal, relatable, and relationship-driven. No better place to do this than social! We tested many strategies – using masculine and scientific language, engaging directly with followers and asking them questions to build a relationship, figuring out the intersection of Twitter & customer support to manage patients private health data – and measured their impact to optimize our impact and learning. By espousing the brand in unique ways, we acquired a genuine audience of first followers who drove from more than 180 miles away just to be the first ones to receive the product when we launched publicly.


By collaborating with the incredible scientists, doctors and health nutritionists working with the visionary WellnessFX team, we were able to create unique, data-driven content. We explored everything from what is in a drop of blood to whether butter is good for you. As the WellnessFX team shared and published content, web traffic and social engagement grew and people looked to them as a leader in the space. We built credibility for the science and service, as well as developed their position as thought leaders, resulting in conference invitations, inbound PR requests, and partnerships.


One of the critical aspects to growth was enlisting and leveraging the right partners early on. After identifying our niche in the marketplace, we worked with some of the biggest online personalities in personal improvement, from Dave Asprey to Mark Sisson to Tim Ferriss. We worked one on one with each partner to create mutually beneficial agreements, from affiliate deals to media partnerships. We leveraged each interaction to create multiple pieces of content for WellnessFX and reinforce their brand credibility.


By telling an effective story, building the WellnessFX brand, and sharing compelling content, we created a steady stream of inbound PR interest for the WellnessFX team. We secured coverage in many major tech publications (TechCrunch, Fast Company, Pando Daily) built relationships with key reporters in the health and fitness space, and managed several PR firms to support the changing needs of WellnessFX as they scaled.



These are what we use when we’re attacking story, which is equal parts creativity and structure. Every business challenge can use a different set of frameworks. Here’s what we used in WellnessFX's case.
  • Character Development (Audience) – Every story needs an audience. Audiences are made up of humans, with thoughts and emotions and quirks all their own. Pull up a chair and get to know your audience with this tried-and-tested tool.
  • Heroes & Villains – Use this framework when you want to figure out how to polarize your market and capture people’s attention. Know it’s not forever - one only has to read a summary of day time soap operas to know we are comfortable with heroes and villains switching sides...we just need a reason why.
  • Story Specificity – Specificity is a gift to your audience. It shows you have done the hard work to define who you are and who you aren’t - so they can in turn decide for themselves about you. This framework helps you articulate who you are and what you're about so you can discover those with whom your message resonates.